Industrial Projects

Our expertise in the industrial sector is extensive, including structural design for warehouses, industrial condominium units, manufacturing plants, food processing facilities, modular structure facilities and silos. We also design equipment for the industrial sector, including cranes, pipe racks, platforms and foundations for pre-engineered steel buildings.

DT Tank Expansion
ICI (Independent Crop Inputs Inc.) | Top Form Construction Ltd. — Barnwell, AB — This wood framed building contains a two-storey office portion, chemical storage facility, seed storage area and a shop area with a mezzanine. The building utilizes a majority of wood framing with some steel components throughout and the chemical storage portion was designed to AWSA standards. This building was completed and occupied in Mid 2017.
Black Velvet Warehouse | Laporte Consultants — Lethbridge, AB — The warehouse is constructed with a pre-engineered steel building and is separated by a precast concrete firewall. The building is supported on a concrete footing and wall foundation.
DT Tank Expansion | Richardson Oilseed Ltd. — Lethbridge, AB — The 6-storey tower needed to be constructed within a high explosive area and therefore required extreme safety and construction precautions with no hot work allowed on site. To compound the difficulties, the plant had a short shutdown period when most of the construction had to take place. The tower is constructed from conventional steel and is supported on a concrete grade beam and screw pile foundation. The high hazard use of the building required explosion panels to be constructed within the exterior walls to relieve pressure in the unlikely event of an explosion.
Oliver Irrigation | Southwest Design & Construction Ltd. — Broxburn Industrial Park — The shop and two-storey office is in Broxburn Industrial Park and is wood construction with 16’ tall walls. The building is supported on a concrete strip footing and wall foundation.
Frito-Lay Expansion – Pick Centre | RKH Architecture Ltd. — Lethbridge, AB — The Pick Centre expansion to the Frito-Lay facility in Lethbridge is constructed from a 100’ tall automated racking system and is supported on a concrete raft slab and a lower conventional steel shipping and receiving facility. The building is clad with steel insulated panels.
Nudura Polyform Manufacturing Facility | Southwest Design & Construction Ltd. — Coaldale, AB — The manufacturing facility and warehouse are constructed with a pre-engineered steel building. The office is a single storey insulated concrete form building that utilises the ICF blocks that are manufactured within the completed facility. The facility contains large pipe racks and below grade pits.
Seed Cleaning & Conditioner Structures | Richardson Oilseed — Lethbridge, AB — The multi-storey seed cleaning facility and conditioner were constructed within the confines of two existing buildings during operation of the facility. Steel screw piles with concrete pile caps were used to support the structures because of the tight space constraints within the existing buildings.

Additional Projects

Your project is our passion. We are a client-focused structural consulting firm committed to finding cost-effective, superior solutions for a variety of structural engineering needs. Our highest priority is exceptional quality and outstanding service, every time.

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